This page showcases projects related to front-end web development and WordPress development. More will be added soon!

I invest a signficant amount of time outside work taking online courses and developing new skills, and I will be creating new side projects to practice those skills. This page will also include work examples from my current employment.

You can get more information or contact me at these places:

JavaScript Games


I developed a Blackjack game to practice DOM manipulation in vanilla JavaScript. It uses no outside libraries or frameworks. I coded all of it manually from scratch.

This project demonstrates JavaScript experience with: arrays, loops, functions, scope, object literals, DOM manipulation, event listeners, and DRY programming.

It's also an example of work in web design with: user interface design, CSS3, responsive design, and graphic design.

Launch Game Code on GitHub

Freelance Archives

Zen Web Consultant

From 2013 to early 2018 I worked as a freelance web developer.

I maintained as a portfolio featuring some of my larger client projects. It includes in-depth case studies, in which I explained my process in detail.

I won't be adding to that site since I'm not working as a freelancer anymore, but I'm keeping it online as an archive of my work from those years. It was mostly WordPress work for small businesses, as well as WordPress theme development.